Wheelers is back on board

Wheelers serving wine
Welcome back Wheelers Seafood Restaurant and Takeaway as a festival partner! A successful collaboration between Wheelers Seafood Restaurant and Takeaway and the Eden Whale Festival resulted in an unforgettable opening night for our art exhibitions centre in 2018. Featuring WheelerR
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2019 Eden Whale Festival Major Raffle

Our 2019 major raffle is HUGE thanks to our generous donors! Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, the 2019 Major Raffle is our biggest yet! Purchase your tickets at the local vendors listed below or from members of the festival committee. Find tickets locally at the Eden Vi
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$2500 in Prizes for Artists Who Wood!

The Forestry Corporation of NSW sponsor the “Artists Who Wood” competition and exhibition for the seventh year in a row. The Eden Whale Festival is excited to announce that Forestry Corporation of NSW will once again be sponsoring the annual “Artists Who Wood” competition.
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The 2019 Eden Whale Festival Planning Has Begun!

Feb 4, 2019 – Date, Location and Committee Decided for the 2019 Eden Whale Festival The Eden Whale Festival Annual General Meeting was held Wednesday January 30th at the Eden Fishermen’s Recreation Club. November 2nd has been chosen for the 2019 main event with supporting
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Eden Whale Festival says no to balloons and single use plastic

Taking the lead from major festivals and councils around the world, the Eden Whale Festival is helping to reduce single use plastic usage. Balloons, plastic bags and bottles are the three most harmful pollutants threatening marine wildlife, according to a 2016 study by the CSIRO. In t
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First timers: What you need to know

Eden has the remarkable advantage of being a place where whales like to feed and fatten their young before they head south to the icy waters of Antarctica. The migration begins to trickle as early as May and peaks around the end of October, which is why we hold the festival when we do
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Prepare for the Killer Whale Trail

The Killer Whale Trail immerses you in the story of the Killers in Eden.  This is a  tale rich with whales and maritime adventure set in the unspoilt beauty of Twofold Bay.  Visit sites of 18th century architecture, the whaling station, elevated lookouts & an old working pub. All
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Eden, NSW’s #1 whale watching destination

In 2016, the Sapphire Coast’s Port of Eden was named the premier whale watching destination in New South Wales! That year, Australian Geographic released a top 10 list of Australian whale watching destinations, putting Eden third overall and first in New South Wales, and rightly
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Whale season charters

Join the migration to Eden! The countdown is on for the festival and the whales have begun their northbound journey to warmer waters. Soon they will be dropping in on Eden as they make their journey home. Check back here in July to see out some of the local whale watching charters ava
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