Our Timber Sports Showcase has the world’s best!

Our Timber Sports arena feature’s Australia and the world’s best carver and cutter!

Rob Bast impressed festival goers in 2017 with his beautiful sculptures carved in front of our eyes. This year he returns with another championship win under his belt.

Watching Rob Bast at work with a chainsaw as his primary sculpting tool is an impressive sight. The results and his finished sculptures are even more inspiring!

Rob will be hard at work on the main festival day Saturday creating a number of stunning sculptures for display to our visitors.

If one champion isn’t enough we will also have Australian Timber Sport Champion Laurence O’Toole join us this year!

Laurence O’Toole has competed in all the Australian Royal Shows and in September of this year he took the title of Australian Champion.

Now he is going to compete in the toughest of all wood chop arenas – The Eden Whale Festival!

Laurence O’Toole is proudly sponsored by Komatsu Forest Australia.

Rob Bast is sponsored by South East Timber Association, Pentarch and Blue Ridge Hardwood.


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