Explore the inside of a giant whale at the Eden Whale Festival!

Just like a real life Moby Dick story enter a giant whale and live to tell the tale!

The Dolphin Research Institute  ‘Whale Out of Water’ program will allow you to walk through a giant 19m inflatable humpback whale!

This unique program uses bones, teeth, amazing research footage and experienced marine educators to tell unforgettable stories about how a diverse range of marine animals live off our coast.

Starting in May every year thousands whales from the south travel north along Australia’s eastern coastline seeking warmer water.

Humpbacks and dolphins feed on pilchards in Twofold Bay, Eden. Phill Small Photography.

Whales migrate for a number of reason but mostly to feed and breed.

Baleen whales, which include Humpback whales, feed mostly on krill.

Krill is found in cold water, warmer water is better for birthing and protecting newborn calves who do not yet have their protective layer of blubber.

This search for food, breeding and birthing results in an mass migration. This is the world’s longest and largest mammal migration and whales travel on average 5000km!

Visitors are treated to excellent whale watching opportunities in Eden as the whales make their way back south.

Why is Eden so good for whale tourism?

Since our cooler waters are rich with krill, Eden is know for encountering interesting feeding behaviours.

Eden also has a very deep natural harbor which make it easy for whales to come close to shore to be spotted from land.

When taking a tour on a charter boat, whales are spotted within minutes of leaving the wharf, rather than some whale watching destinations which require long travel distances or bar crossings to access whales.

Whales are fascinating creatures but it is when you get to be inside the Dolphin Research Institute’s giant whale you will truly appreciate how big and incredible these creatures are!

Tours of the whale will be offered all day Saturday at the Eden Marine High School hall.

Thank you again to Eden Marine High School for allowing us to use their school grounds and being long time supporters of the Eden Whale Festival!

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