Date(s) - 28/10/2016
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Eden Fishermens Recreation Club


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Be the first to see who won our Artists Who Wood and Photography competitions!

Join us for the official opening at 6pm, Friday at the Eden Fishermen’s Recreation Club auditorium.

Three exhibitions combine to showcase the work of artisans and locals alike.

Artists who Wood is a festival favourite with a $3000 aquisitional prize for the artwork which best showcases the town’s connection with the ancient forests that surround it.

The theme for this year’s Eden Whale Festival Photography competition is ‘Four Seasons of Eden’ with entries in colour and black and white.

Photography competition is generously sponsored by Eden Lioness and South East Timber Association.

Imlay Crafts Inc Imlay Crafts was formed in 1974 as Eden Craft Workshop to promote the crafts, primarily pottery. Membership ranges from the raw beginner to those of many years experience, including former production potters and those with tertiary qualifications.

Saturday & Sunday, 10am to club closing.