Celebrate the migration in Eden on the NSW Sapphire Coast, named Australia’s premier whale watching destination.


Our shore-based look-outs offer great opportunities to see the whales as they frolic in Twofold Bay and along our coastline.



If you want to get a bit closer and hang out with the experts, we recommend you join one of our experienced and passionate whale watching charters at Snug Cove.

what makes Eden’s whale watching unique?

Eden is one of the few places in the world where Humpback Whales feed on their migratory route. The waters are rich with krill and the whales quite often stop and feed. Very few people ever experience the unique chance to look into the massive mouth of a whale! The fact that so many species of whales can be seen in these waters and that they travel close to shores makes Eden an ideal place for whale watching.

There are great places to do some shore-based whale watching as well as several operators who can host you on a whale watching cruise. The Eden Killer Whale Museum sounds a siren when whales are in close proximity to vantage points around Twofold Bay.


Most whales sighted in the Eden area are Humpback whales on their southern migration. At the start of the season we mainly see sub adults, followed by mother/calf pods which quite frequently come right into Twofold Bay. This gives the calves a chance to rest. Other species, including Southern Rights, Blue, Dwarf Minke, Bryde’s, Orca, Pilot, Sperm and several species of Beaked Whales, have also been sighted off the coast of Eden in recent years.

Killer Whale Trail

 Take the Killer Whale Trail and learn how wild Orcas hunted alongside man for over 100 years.