Date(s) - 31/10/2015
11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Snug Cove, Eden Wharf


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It’s only 9 metres round but it can seat 110 people – and the entertainment is extraordinary!

Walk the red carpet back to the 1920s where three mind-blowing short shows will make you want to run away and join the circus. $5 pp. [divider]

KikinPascal Kiki and Pascal Show

Take a highly skilled English Gentleman juggler and marry him to a Kazadorian*  farm girl who learnt contortion through questionable means and has a twisted understanding of the English language, wait 25 years and then you get the Kiki and Pascal experience.

This is a hilarious show about the journey of an unlikely couple that will make you laugh, in both good and bad ways, as they invite you into their lives through a series of beautiful and highly skilled variety acts including acrobatics, singing, juggling, contortion and magic.[divider]

KIKIKiki Bittovabitsch

Kiki contorts, acrobalances and dances her way through the traditional Kazadorian story of the great fountain of Hope. After loosing her country of Kazador (she literally cannot find it!), she has travelled the world as the self appointed Kazadorian Kultural attaché. Kiki is renowned for spreading joy and laughter with a shovel.  [divider]


GreatDaveThe Great Dave

The Great Dave’s speciality is mixing high level circus skills with character and comedy, creating a show with a broad appeal that not only “wows” the audience but engages them, inviting them into his world. His signature trick is the “rarely performed outside of The Chinese State Circus’ act of crockery manipulation” – kicking cups, saucers and then a spoon from his foot to a balanced stack atop his head…whilst riding a 6 foot unicycle! There are literally only a handful of people in the world performing this trick and it never fails to bring genuine gasps of amazement from the audience.”  [divider]

Benny BBenny B

You will be amazed by Benny B’s unique combination of elegant juggling, bizarre physical comedy and outrageous audience participation. The show culminates with him performing dangerous stunts balanced atop a 2 metre tall free standing ladder! [divider]


Rhys TricksterRhys The Trickster

Rhys’ captivating shows combine extreme juggling, stunts, cheek and magic. A festival favourite…