Date(s) - 22/10/2015 - 10/11/2015
All Day

Lake Curalo Boardwalk


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To see this exhibition, download the free LAYAR app for Apple or Andriod and head to Lake Curalo boardwalk.

BVRG & dLux Media Arts presents (Un)Seen Sculptures, a mobile 3D augmented reality art show, on the shores of Lake Curalo.

The virtual digital works are hidden from the naked eye but visible to anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone and an app called the Layar Augmented Reality Browser.

As with previous shows, there were works by Australian artists and international visitors from USA, China, and Germany. This time around though a workshop on augmented reality techniques was held prior to the show and out of this came two works by local artist, Gordon Beattie, which featured as part of the show.

To prepare,

1. Using your smartphone or tablet, download the free LAYAR App from iTunes or Google.

2. Open the app, open the menu, go to Geo Layers > Search Layers and search for UNSEEN (this is where you search for the Phantom Fleet too)

3. Click the icon on the right of the screen, >Filters, >Range then adjust your slider to the maximum range of 1.5 kilometres.

4. Follow the map and use your device to discover the sculptures in the exhibition!



Sculptures are:

1. Water Lily Invasion – Tamiko Thiel (USA) – on the viewing deck at the eastern end of the boardwalk

2. Leg Godt Inuksuk – Nathan Shafer (Alaska) – under the trees on the other side of the oval

3. The Dragon’s Pearl – Lily & Honglei (China) – at the gate & pier halfway along the boardwalk

4. Window To Window – Johannes Muljana & Pamela Lee Brenner – just as you head into the trees past The Dragon’s Pearl gate

5. Tiger Bay Flock – Shakira Duncan, Ruth Cant, Jessie McKeown, Aimee Sheppard, Jaymez Pearson, Tia Girdler, Jessie Handley, Tristan Gale, Sunny Stubbs, Erika Hatbingh, Patrick Smith, Kayla Higgins, Luke Williams (Warren NSW) – from the bend in the boardwalk overlooking the sandbar

6. Butterfly Warrior & Blue Form 56 – Gordon Beattie – overlooking the lawn at the fork in the track

7. This Is Not Clay – Jake Hempson & Foot (Relic) – Josh Harle & Tully Arnott – overlooking the lawn further along the path.

8. Gaza 1:1 The Names – Warren Armstrong – at the bench overlooking the lake near the western end of the boardwalk

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