whale_boat In 2016, the Sapphire Coast’s Port of Eden was named the premier whale watching destination in New South Wales!

That year, Australian Geographic released a top 10 list of Australian whale watching destinations, putting Eden third overall and first in New South Wales, and rightly so! The town’s many shore based whaling spots are steeped in history, from a time when whales were hunted by man and orca. Today, the whales are revered by all and our charters are run by passionate locals who know regular cetacean visitors by sight and name. Eden’s location on the Humpback Highway also means you can leave port and be among the pods in as little as five minutes.

Each year the number of whales we see increases by a couple of hundred so we know the population is increasing by 10 to 14 percent.

Cat Balou Cruises.

Cat Balou Cruises.

The population of humpbacks is very, very healthy, and we’re seeing more southern right whales than ever before.

The whales are so easy to see on their migration because they hug the shoreline to escape the pull of the East Australian Current. Those with young calves often rest in sheltered bays, and curious individuals swim right into the port at Snug Cove. Out wider there are Sperm Whales and Orca. Feeding, an activity rarely seen in other parts of the world, is a real treat for whale watchers.

While the first whales are already making their presence felt, the busiest months are between September and November. Join us for 3 days of adventure and entertainment, from November 1 to November 3.