Killer Whale TrailThe Killer Whale Trail immerses you in the story of the Killers in Eden.  This is a  tale rich with whales and maritime adventure set in the unspoilt beauty of Twofold Bay.  Visit sites of 18th century architecture, the whaling station, elevated lookouts & an old working pub.

All along the trail, you’ll uncover the dramatic history of whaling from 1828-1930 and learn out the unique relationship between whalers and the wild killer whales (orcas).

Between August and November, these sites become perfect vantage points to view humpback whales as they migrate close to the coast. You’re not far from Green Cape peninsular here, with it’s 125 year old light house and extraordinarily close proximity to the migration.

You will find another chapter of the story at each stop. Bring your smartphone to scan the interpretive signs and view historical photos, video and audio to delve deeper into the story of the Killer Whales of Eden.

Wear outdoor weatherproof clothing, take along a snack or stop at Boydtown for lunch between 12 noon & 2pm.

Grab a brochure from the Eden Visitor Information Centre or Eden Killer Whale Museum.