First timers: What you need to know

Eden has the remarkable advantage of being a place where whales like to feed and fatten their young before they head south to the icy waters of Antarctica. The migration begins to trickle as early as May and peaks around the end of October, which is why we hold the festival when we do
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Festival program: Plan your adventure!

Friday, November  2nd – The Launch Spend the morning exploring with a tour or do some whale watching at sea or from shore. Have a taste of local life and find a quiet spot for lunch before the festival crowds arrive in earnest. Visit the Eden Killer Whale Museum and stay to cele
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Eden Australia’s #1 whale watching destination

The Sapphire Coast’s Port of Eden has been named the premier whale watching destination in the country! Australian Geographic today released a top 10 list, putting Eden at the top, and rightly so! The town’s many shore based whaling spots are steeped in history, from a tim
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Whale season charters

Join the migration to Eden! The countdown is on for the festival and the whales have begun their northbound journey to warmer waters. Soon they will be dropping in on Eden as they make their journey home. Check back here in July to see out some of the local whale watching charters ava
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Old Tom, at rest for 86 years

The third week in September marks the anniversary of the death of Old Tom the Killer Whale, the most well known and loved of the orcas who hunted with the Davidson whalers. In 2016 it will be 86 years, since he last hunted on Twofold Bay. Whaling had all but stopped by the time he die
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Whales feast at Eden NSW

If you want to see them feeding, you’d better come to Eden! There’s a remarkable whale migration building in a little NSW village called Eden. Last year the townsfolk enjoyed some of the greatest whale antics seen in years, watching as pods of humpback whales corralled and gorge
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